About Sweet Js

SweetJ’s Clubhouse exists so no other child would suffer a traumatic loss or go through the journey of grief alone. The Clubhouse meets at a local high school every 3rd Saturday of each month, allowing for a safe and nonjudgement zone for club members to effectively expose the emotions they may not otherwise be able to share. We encourage our members to express these bottled-up emotions through various outlets such as arts and crafts, journaling, singing, writing, dancing, etc., fulfilling their talents as another form of releasing their grief.
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Although we are grateful for the meeting space, we have been given our goal at SweetJ’s is to provide a permanent meeting space clubhouse for our youth. Please let us know if you have a building you would like to donate or would like to contribute to our building fund.


Meeting Space

Although blessed with donated locations, our goal is to provide an actual clubhouse for the grieving children in our community.



Your donation provides arts and crafts, counseling and materials, and additional services for our children